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Breaking News

There is a huge fire going about a mile from my house! The wind has been crazy yesterday & today, something up around 30-40 mph which is making the firefighter's jobs a lot harder! It looks like they're finally starting to get it under control after more than 4 hours. It started in an abandoned mill that's been there since the Revolutionary War. A number of houses nearby went up too.

I drove over there to see if I could see anything. Mostly just a lot of smoke! They wouldn't let anyone get close enough to see flames. I'm going to go through my pictures and see if I got anything good though.


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heh, that was actually on World News Tonight! :) I thought of you when they were talking about RI but I didn't realize it was that close to you!! That windstorm was here 2 days ago, it's not nice! YIPE!!!

(pssst...ask me who we just did a practice run through with.... ;) )




kkr ;)

just a trial, nothing final or anything.

thought you'd find that interesting. ;)


Wow, that is interesting. Did she say how she felt about it?


nope. it went pretty good though

anyway, tag your it! And I have to go do some archiving now! Lata!

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