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After only about 2 hours of sleep last night, an insanely long day, lots of crying, and even a visit from the cops... my stuff is all here!

And before you ask, I'm the one that called the cops. MAJOR problems with the moving company. You know those moving scams that you hear about on 20/20 and Dateline and 60 Minutes? Where they say they won't deliver your stuff unless you pay them more? Yeah. That.

The company told me that it was going to cost 690 some dollars more than the amount I had agreed to pay. When I argued they said that they'd deliver half of my stuff, but the other half would go into storage or something until I paid the extra 600 something that they wanted. More arguing, more crying, and the "boss" who I'd only talked to on the phone today (even though he kept insisting that he told me stuff earlier and I agreed with it) then decided that if I gave the driver $300 cash they'd deliver the rest of my stuff today. That doesn't sound fishy or anything does it?

Somewhere about that time I ended up calling the cops just to ask them what they thought I should do. I knew I was getting scamed and needed some help. So a cop shows up! He said that technically he couldn't do anything because it was a "civil matter" but he tried to mediate somewhat. And he yelled at the dude on the phone which was lovely :) He was very nice and even though he couldn't do much beyond yell at them I'm glad that I called. It made me feel better to have him agree with my position and back me up.

At this point I got really scared that if I didn't pay them the extra that they wanted today I'd never see my stuff again. They'd only really unloaded my crappy furniture at this point, none of my good furniture and none of the boxes that had valuable/sentimental stuff in them. So with some parental help (gotta love Western Union) I gave them the extra $300 (which at this point they decided would be $400 instead) so actually an extra $400 and they unloaded all of my stuff.

So that's my day!

[sarcasm]Such fun.[ /sarcasm]

On to positive stuff now!

My mom has a flight booked to come visit me in a little under two weeks. And she'll be bringing the fids! Horrah! My little flock will be back together again. Of course seeing my mommy will be wonderful too. :)

So now I have to try and go to sleep. Hopefully I'll actually be able to, but I'm not feeling too optimistic. I kinda have that insomnia feeling right now. So frustrating!


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