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I'm Off!

Well, I'm off to work. I'm doing my first two completely solo shows tonight. 5:30 & 11. Wish me luck!

At the moment I need to corral a very hyper bunny. Mr. Benjamin is running all over my bed (ok the futon) doing spins and jumping all over the place. In all the bunny books I've read that's supposed to mean he's happy. So yay! I have a happy bunny!


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Bunny binkies do mean your bunny is happy! Good for you!

Meanwhile, if I can drop a tip: conceal wires. They look like juicy vines and roots to a bunny. Oh, and check out your yellow pages. Find a nearby "exotic pets" veterinarian. Not to worry, but just in case of emergency you'll be glad if you don't have to rely on the advice of a basic dog and cat vet.

Okay, that's two tips. Sorry if I've overstayed my welcome. We at BBB really wish you the best with your new bunny!

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