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Standby in 10... 9... 8...

Well, my scripts are marked and I've been through them three times. I'm only missing times for one package. Producer Boy is good about updating stuff so I'm not worried.

I'm a little nervous, but not too bad. I think I'd be more worried if I wasn't nervous. I'm just sitting around waiting for another 15 minutes and then away we go!

Wish me luck

*I picked that smilie because that's what directing is... juggling!


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Atta Girl!!! :)

Packers Monday Night here... but at least Joe and I get free food out of it!!


No more MNF for me...

Did you post that from work? Do I need to mess with the ip thing 'cuz of the new system there?


Yeah, I told you that in a comment like 2 weeks ago! I've been able to get at both of us since the server went up. Although it's not like it really matters for you anymore!! ;)

BTW, I'm still at work. F-ing NA

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