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48 hours Later...

It's finally seemed to stop snowing. It's like winter just arrived all of a sudden. No easing into it. Just Boom! Snow! It's really not that cold out, just below freezing. Which means the snow is that wet stuff that's easy to pack. I'm not sure how much snow there is at my apartment, but here at the station during the 11 the weather dude measured the snow on the picnic table at 15"! I think it's pretty similar at my apartment.

I love it!


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Can I come and see the snow?

Aww!! Send some of that stuff our way!! :)

Aunt Linda:

Hey, just keep your snow out there, we
can wait for our own....maybe Christmas Eve.
Enjoy Laura.


You can definately come see it!

And I will try to tell the snow to head Laura's way


whatever you do...kindly do not send it here...*lol*

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