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A Breakthrough

Gifted girls with ADD. Highly intelligent girls with ADD can be the most difficult to spot. The brighter your daughter with ADD is, the later her school problems tend to emerge. Many girls with above average IQ can keep it together academically until they hit middle school, or even high school. As their school life becomes more demanding and complicated in the upper grades, their problems with concentration, organization and follow-through are more likely to reveal themselves.

A checklist if you think your daughter may have ADD:
-- I have trouble finishing my assignments in class.
-- I daydream in class.
-- Even when I try to listen, my thoughts wander.
-- I forget to bring papers and permission slips from home.
-- I have trouble following the teacher's directions.
-- My mind wanders when I read.
-- Projects and papers are hard for me to finish.
-- I often do my work at the last minute and turn things in late.
-- I forget to bring the right books home from school.
-- I get upset more easily than my friends.
-- Sometimes it feels like I'm not good at anything.
-- I am frequently late.
-- It's hard for me to concentrate when their are people around me.
-- My parents and teachers tell me I don't try hard enough.
-- Other kids tease me about being spacey.
-- I feel different from other girls.
-- I lose track of time.
-- I have a messy book bag.
-- My room at home is a disaster.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I've gotten as close as looking up doctors/neurologists to get officially diagnosed. I've been reading quite a lot about it and I seem to fit ADD symptoms to a T. Just going down that checklist I think I was all but maybe one of them when I was in school.

Now, as an adult type person, I'm finding myself identifying with 90% of the symptoms for adults with ADD. At 24, I seem to finally be figuring out what my problem has been all my life. I'm reading this book and on every page it seems like they're talking about me.

My mom was talking to a lady at a conference the other day that deals with adults with ADD all the time and she said that one of the best places in the country for treatment is in Massachusettes! How weird is that? I'm only 45 minutes away from the best place for what I seem to have. I know I really shouldn't self-diagnose myself, but when EVERY symptom and checklist says that I have it, it kinda makes me think it's true.

I've been thinking about it a lot. It really makes a lot of things that have happened in my life extremely clear.


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i can tell you from my own experience...looking at my young teenagers who have various degrees of ADD and ADHD, I can see which ones will have the problem as an adult and which ones might outgrow it. My oldest is 18 going on 19 and refuses to look into some of the medications that might help him. I am not sure if that is partly my fault since I have always told him to find his resources rather than rely on the drugs, now I kinda wish he would look into some of his other options. Oddly...he own doctor in his late 50 has it severe...and he succeeded...If you feel this is something you have, look into the newer drug that is out...the name escapes me at the moment...but concerta is the one the boys like, but the newer one has less side effects. My best to you in your search for the answers. (((hugs)))

sorry my comment was so long...


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