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A Discovery

Now that I'm away from home I actually am interested in how the Packers do! How strange! They were on CBS on Sunday and I actually watched some of it while I was at work. And I cared! And I was excited when they won!

I've never cared one way or another about football, but something about watching them felt all comfortable and homey. And seeing all the silly cheeseheads in the stands too (We gotta find a cheesehead smilie) I liked it.

I just find that incredibly strange.

Oh, and Auntie Patty... the "family" picture is the "Merry Christmas" one right below this! If you can't see it let me know 'cuz that means there's a problem somewhere.


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Mwuhuhahahahahahaha!! :D She's been corrupted!! Plus the Vikes got their asses waxed, so all is right in the Green and Gold world! :)

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