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Free Stuff is Always Good

We got free fuzzies at work today! They're grey with the logo on the left breast. Very snazzy. Now I'll be able to switch back and forth between my yellow fuzzy from old work and my grey fuzzy from new work! And we got little chopper toys. Apparently if you put batteries in them they light up and the rotter spins! I'm going to have to find some batteries when I get home tonight and see what it does. I like free stuff!


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Pictures, where's the pictures? I wanna see the heliocopter.

Aunt L.:

Hey Laura, we're getting "free stuff" in EC today!
It's all white,cold, wet, and falling from the sky. Looks like we will need a shovel to handle it. Prepare yourself... It maybe on it's way out east!


I'll second that request to see the helicopter. ;) It's still snowing, but it's the sloppy kind. I got drenched walking around campus! Off to work I go!! Take care dear!!


~Love, Syn~

What's a fuzzy?


Fuzzy n. A fleece pullover slang

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