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Marginal Success

Well, I managed to find this one and this one but no cheesehead. I know I've seen a wedge of cheese somewhere, but that's not quite the same thing.

And Syn... there's one in there specifically for you...


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YESSSS!!! I just showed that to KKR...she wanted to know what I was laughing at!!! WOO!!! :)

I like that one too! :)

Guess what I'm working on as we speak?? That's right, searching the archives for the infamous year-ender rollout!! it's not nearly as much fun doing it myself. :( I do recall someone saying last year that it would be the last one you would do...looks like you were right!! get on yahoo some night so we can talk more, ok?!! :)


Heh, That was when I was first thinking I was ready to start sending out tapes.

You have officially taken over my role! The very first one of those I did all by my lonesome, then two with you, and now you're doing it by your lonesome. Good luck!


yeah, but you didn't have 3 promos to edit on top of that either! ;) LOL! Ahh yes, so much fun. I've decided this is the last year I'm going to bother with this and the blooper reel. 3 years is enough, someone else with more time on their hands can deal with it! Especially the year-ender, no one seems to care enough to make it worth it. I have a cat who requires my presence at home, damnit!!! ;) Anyway, this is getting babbling. Hope you're having a good night!


Ok, so you did sort of leave a mark on this year's rollout too...I borrowed some of your pictures from the "work" section of the photoblog for the credits pictures! I thought about putting a courtesy in there but I'm sure that would have gotten my bootie in trouble!


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