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A Panic Attack Waiting to Happen

The very first time I TD'd by myself (TD: technical director... the person who pushes all the buttons on the switcher) I just about had a panic attack. And that was on a 2 M/E Ross board that was really quite simple.

This is a 3 M/E Grass Valley board that's older than I am! And it doesn't work very well... and you have to use TWO DVE's (they do effects) and a massive router because the board isn't big enough for all the sources that we use.

But... I TD'd an entire show today for the first time. My trainer (Goatee'd TD) was sitting right behind me, but I did it! And I didn't freak out too badly either.

So we're making progress...

And, an added plus... I think my killer headache that I had all day has finally given in to the massive doses of ibuprofen I've been shoving at it.


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Aunt L.:

Good for you!
What ever it is that you did....and how you did it...to make the news....Congratulations.

Sorry about the headache and hope it is better.
Take care of yourself....get lots of sleep!!!!
Love you.



Can I come play when you get your new board??!! :D Boss Man has been off all week so I've been TD-ing the 5 which has been nice. I'll take any excuse I can get to push buttons. :)



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