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Blessed Sleep

I got home from work Friday around 1 in the afternoon. Between then and noon today I slept for all but about three hours. It felt soooo good! I only got 2 or 3 hours a night all week so the massive sleeping was completely necessary.

I only have to do that morning show one more time (Monday) and then I'm back to nightside, horrah!

I have to say that having a control room full of people who all have the same name was quite fun though! We kept messing with everyone. The guys in the tape room or audio would ask what we were laughing about and we'd say "You have to be a Laura to get it." It was fun. I'll miss that. But I most certainly will not miss sitting in the same place for THREE HOURS without being able to move, or getting up at 2:30 in the morning. But we did have a lot of fun.

I'm mostly just very grateful that I finally got sleep.


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the same name?! must of been confusing, but can see where the fun can start. Hope you get your much needed rest. ;)

Ooh, ooh! Would I have gotten it, too? ;)


Definately! We were having fun.

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