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Go Pack Go!

Just got to work and discovered that there's no 6:30 show! WooHoo! That means I get to sit here and do not a lot for a couple hours.

And there's a Packers game on Fox right now. (Yep, I seem to be well on my way to being converted) They just need a touchdown and they'll be back in it.


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Now see, why didn't you convert BEFORE you left???!! Then you could have come over to Mum's house and watched the games with us. Always a good time!!

And now for your Packers Update!! We win in OT after Hasselbeck throws an interception to Al "Low Talker" Harris. But the beauty of it, on the coin toss Hasselbeck shot off his mouth and said "We want the ball and we're gonna score". Well dumbass, You got the Ball, but WE SCORED!!! Mwuhuhahahahahahahah!!!!!

Hey Hasselbeck....



I don't think I'm full blown converted. I didn't have a clue the game was on. Just happened to see it when I got to work... but once I knew it was on I had to watch it.

I think it's mostly 'cuz it reminds me of home.

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