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Have I Mentioned Lately...

How much I love snow?

It's been snowing on and off since very early this morning. Everything's all white and beautiful. I guess it's supposed to snow a bunch on Thursday-ish too. Horrah! We now have the snow to complete the cold.


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I have just spent the day shoveling 10 inches!! now you can come over here and play...*lol*

gawd, i just hate it!!


btw....hope you are enjoying it!


so did you get any snow yet??! We got maybe an inch last night, nothing big!! Marissa says hello...I saw her at the wedding! I'll be home til I go to work tomorrow if you're in the mood to chat! That story about the whole cop thing was too funny!!! (((((HUGS)))))

(and thanks for running through my comments!!)


Not fair! I'll have some of that. ;)


I keep getting annoyed that it doesn't stick! Every time there's been a big storm with a couple inches of snow it'll all melt within a few days. Quite annoying! It's been pretty cold the last few weeks tho' so hopefully anything we get at this point will stick around.

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