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It's Storytime!

So are you all ready for the adventure I had last night?

To start off with there was a Patriots game on CBS and we did a live post-game thing afterwords. I wasn't directing it because I've never even seen one done yet so myself (and the new TD who has the same name as me!) just watched so that we'd have some idea of how it works. The show itself was all live, constantly changing, no real plan, and two producers who didn't have a clue what they were doing. And of course that's just a tad on the stressfull side for the crew! Five of us decided to go out and hang out at a bar that's near work for an hour or so before we went home. Unfortunately last call was just before we got there.

On to Plan B...

We'll go over to one of the guy's houses and hang out (Pats/Red Sox Fan). He has a pool table, one of the most amazing arcade emulaters ever, and two very cool dogs. And there was alcohol for those that drink. That was actually a lot of fun. Just hanging out and messing around. I mostly played with the puppies who were a blast. A big friendly "Don't ever stop petting me" golden, and a mut that was just so cute and friendly.

Around 2ish it was getting to be time to go home. Same Name TD and myself had riden there in Goatee'd TD's car since Pats/Red Sox Fan lives a 20ish minute drive from where we were and it was silly for all of us to drive all the way there and then all the way back to get to our respective houses. We were almost back to where we left our cars when It Happened...

We got pulled over.

Not a huge deal, we weren't doing anything wrong, no one had more than one beer and that was at least an hour before. Or so we thought!

Turns out Goatee'd TD's registration was more than a year expired! While we sat waiting for the cop to run the plates Goatee'd TD said that his car was going to get towed. That seemed kind of excessive to me, but he's from here so he knows what the rules are.

The cop came back and forth a couple times and on his second or third trip to our car said that the car's plates had already been re-issued so the car would indeed have to be towed. And now Mr. Goatee is telling us that we're going to have to walk to our cars! From where we were that was probably a good two miles. Which isn't a huge tragedy, but it was probably 2:30 in the morning by this point and at least 10 below zero.

Of course the cop wants Same Name TD and my licenses. And neither of us have gotten Rhode Island stuff yet so now he's got a Wisconsin and a New York license and a car that's registration expired more than a year ago. Yeah. We don't look strange or anything.

After a few more trips between the cars he announces that he will give us a ride to our cars. Hoorah! But first he needs Same Name TD and I to go in his car and give him our current info since the info on our licenses isn't really up to date. I know mine is still my parent's address and everything, nevermind that I've had two addresses since then.

Now I've been in cop cars before, not because I've done anything wrong mind you! He told us to get in the back seat. When Mr. Cop tells you to do something, it's generally a good idea to do it.

I've always thought that the seat in the back of a cop car is the same as the back seat in any other car. Apparently not! It was this hard plastic thing! I gotta say it felt very strange sitting in the cage on these hard seats. You kinda feel like you did something wrong even though you know full well that you didn't.

Meanwhile Goatee'd TD had to get his baby seat out of his car and put it in the trunk of the cruiser that had driven up at some point during the proceedings.

We finally got to our cars, gave Goatee'd TD a ride home and went our seperate ways.

And that was the adventure for the evening! Quite the thing.

Of course last, but not least..... Go Packers!!!!!


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Now, Laura....
How's life in the big city?
Such an exciting story that you'll have
to tell.
Take care...Be safe...and continue to be
good, but most importantly...have fun!

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