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I have a question to which I think a certain band geek may know the answer...

Goatee'd TD swears he remembers an instrument from high school band that none of the rest of us can figure out. He says it looked kinda like a clarinet, but it was shorter and a little bit fatter. Like the end of the clarinet got lopped off. It was a woodwind, but every single woodwind instrument that we've come up with he's said no.

Any ideas anyone?


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well, the first 2 things that pop into my mind would be oboe or the english horn. Other than that my mind is fairly blank.


I know he said it wasn't oboe, but English horn I'm not sure about. I'll have to run that one past him!


Since he didn't say Oboe Im guessing its an English horn. I was thinking Basson but they are pretty large woodwinds.... Here is a picture of an english horn........

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