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Too True

I just read this quote by Dennis Miller:

"At least I come out upfront and tell people about my politics. He (Peter Jennings) sits there and displays it through subtle poker (expressions) all year long the raised eyebrows, the arch tone of the voice. We get it that he's liberal. We get it that he doesn't like Bush. Just come out and say it!"

Just now and it cracked me up. He's so right! I like Pete most of the time, but it's blatantly obvious when you watch him how he feels about things. They'll come out of stories and just the look on his face gives it all away. I'm sure he thinks he's not showing anything, but it's quite clear if you watch him for a while.

I actually like Dennis Miller. When he was on Monday Night Football it became something I could tolerate and occasionaly enjoy, as opposed to something I avoid at all costs. I think he's funny and he doesn't play to the lowest common denominator. He's got a brain. I like that.


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