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I just talked to one of the teachers at a dance school up in Boston and they have an adult class that sounds wonderful. It's a mix of beginners and advanced, they charge per lesson and it's only $9 per lesson! It's a two hour class which means drinking lots of water and ho boy will I be sweating, but if I can figure out work schedules then I think I can start taking classes again! Wee! The teacher sounded really nice on the phone too. She's Irish so you've got that great accent thing going on which is fun.

OK. I'm excited and I'm babbling, but that just makes me very happy!


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sounds like fun and not bad pricing either. Have Fun!!


I'm excited that I'll be able to go again. I only went for a couple months, but just from that little bit that I learned I miss it now that I haven't been going since I've been out here. I just have to figure out how to get Wednesdays off on a regular basis and then I'm good to go.

Sounds totally neat. :)

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