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Remember how I said I didn't feel emotionally connected to what was going on today? Yeah. You can ignore that. I'm just thankful I wasn't directing the 10. I was TD'ing and I cried my way all the way through it. We carried the memorial service at the fire site for the full hour. No commercials. Lots of music and people talking. They read all 100 names. We didn't have a plan for that, but managed to get the stills of each person up by the time they got to the E's.

And yes, I know this place is still broken. But I'm posting this anyway and you can all read it once I get whatever's wrong fixed!

Update: Posting this seems to have fixed whatever was wrong. Lets hope it stays that way!


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The Papa:

Hi, glad you are back on line! Hope you can keep the fixes unbroken. Love you lots, Dad

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