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Tell me this is all just a horrible dream.

I'm exhausted, can't sleep, and my head is pounding. In a word, miserable.


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Aunt L.:


Nothing I say will make it "all better" but
oh how I wish that I could give you a big hug
and make this nightmare go away for you.

You showered your bird with love and affection
and Dolche knew that you loved him, too.
You were being a good "Mom" and getting help
for your sick one. You did not want him to
be sick and suffer.

Just know that we all love you and are sending
you our warm thoughts, hugs, and love.

Auntie Beth:

I so wish this was just a bad dream from which you could awaken. I don't know exactly how you feel, but I think close enough. WE both loved our pets as though they were our children, and that is a special pain when we lose them. I can only say, you will get through it, but you will always carry a bit of this pain with you....the price you will pay for having loved Dolce, and having him love you. Ultimately, I know you will find that that love was worth the pain. Sending SO many hugs. I know this is so awful right now. Wish I could be there to just let you cry / talk.

Love, AB


I wish I could sweetie. :( You know I'm thinking of you....I hope you managed to get a little sleep. Are you working tonight??? I'm at school and then work, but call me there if you need to. ((((((HUGS)))))) We love ya dear.



(((((((Suni)))))) Im thinking of you!

Unk Jeff:

Dearest Laura,
Deep regrets at your loved one passing away.
It probably hurts a lot, i even am crying thinking of your pain right now. it will get better but you will always have him in your heart.
the only thing in this world that makes me cry is thinking of each of my pets i have had. they have given me such joy in this life i believe God sends them to me to show me His love, they give me just what i need and ask so little in return. May your heart heal. just keep on track, eat, rest, work, take pictures, be with friends....
Amor, mi sobrino, que lastima !

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