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A Simple Question

Why does CBS continue to give air time to Andy Rooney?

I'm at work. Yep. It's 3:30 in the morning and I'm at work. I'm doing mornings this week since the normal morning director is on vacation. So I just saw the Andy Rooney list thing from, I'm guessing, the end of 60 minutes yesterday.

I do not understand why he's still on the air. The man is hard to listen to, annoying, and pompous.


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Best I can figure, Andy's still on the air because he must have incriminating evidence of CBS pres Leslie Moonves doing something naughty... With a name like Leslie Moonves, surely he's a freak, and Andy must have some goods on him, OR, maybe Andy and Leslie are secretly lovers, or from another planet, or both! ;)


ROFLOL! I think that was the best answer to that question I've ever heard. Thanks!

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