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Approaching Milestones

I just noticed that I'm less than 200 hits away from hitting 15,000. That's nifty!

I'm also only about 70 posts away from 1,000 on this hear blog. That means I average about 1 and a quarter posts a day. Not counting the photoblog of course, since that adds another 200 some to the total.

It's 10 in the morning, I haven't slept yet, I'm still stuck at work, and I found all of that interesting. So I decided to share! Aren't you all glad?


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Aunt L.:

Great milestones... hope you keep "growing."

Now, isn't hard working in the AM, when
we know you're really a night owl person?
You will be extra "mixed up" when you have
to switch back!!

Love you

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