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I've never really used an RSS reader, I haven't felt the need. I like actually visiting the blogs I read. I know it's the same words regardless of where I'm reading them, but I just prefer the actual sites.

Anyway, I decided to finally download a reader so that I could subscribe to the MT-Blacklist new spam RSS feed. As long as I'm at it, I figure I'll subscribe to my own site and make sure it's all hunky dory. Yeah. It's not. And I have no idea how to fix it.

Is anyone out there reading my site through a feed reader? Does it look right? When I click on the "syndicate" link the page that comes up seems right. It has all the stuff on it that I want. But in the reader it comes up all funky and just plain wrong. Any insights? Is it the reader? Am I just being a moron? (always a possibility )

In the meantime don't mind me, I'll just be over here doing this ---->

Update: I am now ready to hurt someone! I subscribed to my photoblog and that shows up perfectly. So, perhaps it's something wrong with the template on the main blog. We'll just copy the template over, rebuild indexes, resubscribe, and... still broken. I am so confused!


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hope you got it fixed.
it is funny that you typed this, i just spent three hours last night installing a RSS Reader and adding all my reads, I didn't realized that I read that much..lol :)

btw, yours comes out on my reader just fine. ;)

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