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Interesting... Very Interesting...

I got to work a little over an hour ago (no 6pm news today woot!) and there's one of those Made-For-TV movies on CBS tonight. Family Sins, apparently it's based on a true story that happened around here in 1990. There's a couple of the victims in the front of the building watching it right now. I'm assuming they've been interviewed and it'll be a PKG or something later.

Update: I just read the PKG that's been written for the 11pm show. The story was broken by one of the investigative reporters here. The first video down in the basement showing these people beeing kept as slaves was shot by a photog here. And they're sitting in the front of the station right now. It's really strange. You never think of these people as being real people that actually went through these horrible things. But they are. They're very real.


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