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It's Happened

I found out tonight that I've been essentially "outed" as a blogger to a number of my co-workers. I'm not sure how I feel about that. And it's not just that they know, some of them have apparently been reading regularly. I kinda figured it was coming since I haven't been nearly as private about it as I was at my last job. But it's still weird.

I'm not sure why. I have no problem telling all of you whatever's on my mind, or what's bothering me, or what I find funny. Why is it so different to tell them? But how much of me do I want them knowing?

There's some stuff that I'm not sure I want to talk about now because I'm not sure how it'll go over. But at the same time I really don't want to censor myself. That goes against what I feel about this place. I just don't know. I'm very conflicted about the whole thing.


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see, that's why I don't think I would tell anyone about it if I move....that way I wouldn't have to worry about co-workers reading. Best to keep the online and RL stuff somewhat seperate....my friend Cin sort of got bit in the butt by that the other day, long story!


Miss you!

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