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Stupid People Annoy Me

I've been directing morning's all this week and it's been all I can do to just get myself to work so there hasn't been a whole heck of a lot of blogging happening!

I just checked my e-mail for the first time in a couple days and there was a comment on an old Photoblog entry that really pissed me off so I'm gonna vent for a minute!

It was on this entry (the comment has been deleted) about the Polar Plunge from last winter. In case you weren't around then I'll recap. (aren't I nice ) The Polar Plunge is something that happenes across Wisconsin every winter. It's a fund-raiser for Special Olympics. Basically a bunch of crazy people jump into freezing cold water through a hole in the ice. If you're going to jump you get pledges before hand and they raise a ton of money every winter that way. Remember, this is Wisconsin, in January or February, it's very cold!

Honestly though, it's not as bad as you'd think. It's over before you really even realize it happened. The worst part is waiting to jump! Last year was my second year jumping and if I were still there I'd have jumped again this year!

So, now that you're all caught up...

Today I found this comment left on that entry:

IP Address:
Name: phillipe
Email Address: phillipe@sympatico.net


u r gay and stupid

Some freak from Canada seems to think that this wasn't something I should have bothered posting about. And it really bothered me! Why do people have the need to be so ridiculously mean and stupid? If someone left a nasty comment on one of my opinion posts that'd be something else entirely. But what can possibly be "gay" or "stupid" about helping Special Olympics?!?!?!?

And now that I've vented about that I feel much better!


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Hey, Suni: I'm pretty sure his keyboard is messed up, and rather than "u r stupid..." he meant to type "i m stupid..." :)



Thanks dude.

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