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April 2, 2004


A friend at work showed me this today and I just had to pass it on.

First off, get a piece of tissue paper, or wrapping paper, or a napkin or something similar and crumple it up and then spread it back out again so you have a nice peaks and valley creased bit of paper.

Next, go here and follow the directions. Don't worry about the holding your breath thing, it isn't necessary. But try it both ways, maybe you'll like one better than the other. Instead of looking at your hand like the directions say, look at that piece of paper.

Cool huh?

April 3, 2004

Piffle Fribbits!

I think I'm getting sick. I've got a sore throat and a headache. Yick!

April 4, 2004

It's For Sure Now

I am most definately sick. I've got the runny nose, sore throat, achy, head hurting thing happening right now.

And just to make it a little more annoying, I'm stuck at work. And there's a rabid Red Sox fan here. Not that I have anything against the Red Sox, other than the "It's baseball, it's boring" thing. But it's their opening night or something and he's all excited and noisy.

And One More Thing...

My left eyelid (upper and lower) have been doing this weird spasmy-twitch thing for the past week-ish. It's very strange and quite annoying and I wish it would stop.

I know, I'm very exciting today.

I Know you Always Suspected

You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I've been called a grammar nazi more than once. Apparently Quizilla agrees!

Link from Michele

Un Autre Lange

Aujourd'ui Halley parle francaise. Je suis étonné que je compris un peu.

Maintenant je veu reapprendre.

Merci a ceci pour les verbes, et je suis desolee pour mon francais!

April 5, 2004

Bunny Kisses

I'm sitting here playing on the computer, trying not to move my head too much (because it hurts when I do) and Benjamin is sitting on my chest. He's been giving me little bunny kisses under my chin and it's great. I love it.

April 6, 2004

An Interesting Idea

28 Hour Days, it actually sounds really interesting. I can't see how it'd work since everyone would have to switch for it to be practical. But it's interesting none the less.

Flags for Fallujah


Go see Venomous Kate or Serenity for the reason.

April 7, 2004

Quote of the Day

Of course, when your dad just came at you with a shop vac, I guess a doctor with a small pair of forceps just isn't that scary.

Freakishly Accurate

The Geek Hierarchy

Link from Neil Gaiman's Journal


Watching Emergency Vets on Animal Planet after recently losing a pet is not a good idea!

AP is normally one of my "safe" channels. A channel that I can flip to when I can't find anything else and know that I'll like it. Yeah, not so much recently.

I'm starting to be able to see birds again without immediately crying, not conures though. But the rest of the parrot family is looking cute and adorable again. That's progress right?

I Hate Being Sick!

Yeah, I know that's a shocker. Who likes to be sick? But this sucks! My nose has gone from producing a gallon of snot an hour to about half a gallon, so that at least is somewhat improved. But a new development today is plugged up ears! It feels like they need to pop, but I can't get them to. Very annoying.

Ack! I'll get better sooner or later, but I'm not enjoying the now part of it.

April 8, 2004


I'm doing a little Alias watching today.

I just have to say, Queintin Tanantino (sp?) is the creepiest looking man I have ever seen! Also, what's up with Lauren having a British accent? Neither of her parents have accents. She's American. What's with the accent?!?!?

And I love Marshall! He's so adorable! I just re-watched the episode when he and Carrie have their baby and he's in full flustered, geeky, brilliant, cuteness.

That's all, just had to share.

April 9, 2004

Ode to Spam

You should go check out Busy Mom's Ode to Spam. It's quite amusing. And covers just about all of the spam types too.

April 10, 2004


I am so frustrated with textamerica right now! I like that my moblog was really easy to set up and it's easy to post to and all that. However! There is no way to get at the stylesheet to mess with it. Or at least not an obvious way. On the "template editing" tab of their control panel you can go through their any-idiot-can-do-this wizard and select one of their templates. Thanks, not for me. But there's a second optiong "Advanced html editor". One would think this would be a way to get at your template right? Wrong! It only gives you a couple lines from your header in one place, footer in another place, etc, etc. And none of the options are for the css.

All I want to do is change the frelling colors! The layout is fine, I just want the purple and white to go away. Why oh why did they make something that should be super simple so complicated?!?!?

Not today (I need to go to bed) but pretty soon. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and figure out the MT way to do a moblog. Then I can control the thing and it won't frustrate me the way this one is.

OK, I think I'm done ranting. For now at least...


I got a big surprise today at work when I looked into the fish tank.

The tank originally had three cherry barbs (one girl, two boys) and two Platy's of some sort (don't know the sex on those two) The cherry barbs had babies a few weeks ago and we saw two babies. After a week or so no one saw the babies any more. Add to that all the adult cherry barbs died. We figured that all the cherry barbs were gone and we were left with the two Platy's. Today I looked in the tank and saw three baby cherry barbs! Two of them are quite a bit bigger than the itsy bitsy one's I saw a couple weeks ago. I'm assuming those are the original two and they've been hiding and growing. There was also a third that was the itsy bitsy size. Same Name TD said she saw five babies all together!

I'm guessing that there were cherry barb eggs and some of them just hatched producing the tiny babies and the other two have been hiding and are now quite a bit bigger. So it turns out that life persists for the barb family!

April 11, 2004

Note to Self

Bring 7 to work for SNTD

He Is Risen

I've posted about my beliefs before. There's this Christmas song that always makes me cry. And the questions I answered for Chey. And the television show that helped me to believe again. How He protects me. What He gave up for me. How the Friday Five plays into it all. The beauty He gives us. And what I see when thinking of Him.

And now it's Easter. It's the day the rest of it was building up to. It's the day He rose again. The day He conquered hell.

I can rarely think about what He did without crying. God sent his Son here, knowing that he would be killed. Imagine doing that. Imagine sending your child somewhere with the full knowledge that they would have a terrible, painful death. And even though you have the power to stop it, to choose to look away.


For a bunch of sinful beings that don't appreciate Him most of the time. That ignore Him. That pretend He doesn't exist. We can screw up time and time again, and He'll still love us. We don't deserve it. And yet, He did it. He gave us the ultimate gift.

It's incredible.

April 13, 2004

A Daily Life

So I'm watching The Daily Show and the Stephen Colbert piece was about a guy in Independence, Wisconsin!

It's a dinky little town that's about 40ish miles from the city I'm from. That's just amazing to me that a big show would go to such a tiny little place. Although, now that I think about it. Most of the goofy people they do PKG's about are from tiny little towns. Maybe that's where most of the oddballs live.

Nonetheless, it was cool.


You can blame Solly for this one. Although he blames Speaker so who knows who's fault it is really.

Everyone reading this shall now hit "Leave a Comment" and ask me exactly three (3) questions. Ask me anything, but not too TMI, ok? I will answer your three (3) questions. Then you post this in your journal, asking all of your friends to ask you three (3) questions.

April 14, 2004

I Love My Bunny

Benjamin is completely stretched out across my tummy right now. All relaxed and comfy. He's such a cutie!

10 Years Ago

The First Spam

Apparently the first spammers were a husband and wife lawyer team. Yep, lawyers and spammers. Yikes.

From /.

April 15, 2004


The good kind!

*mutters* pervs

I finally started reading a book I bought probably two years ago. About a week ago I started reading The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet. A couple days later I actually went and bought a scale. Then I had the horrible discovery that I'd gained about 30 pounds since I've been out here. Yikes!

I've been feeling desperate enough lately, especially after discovering the gained weight, that I decided to give it a try. All of the "case studies" in the book sounded very much like me. Plus, it seems like something I can do. I've checked out the Atkins thing in the past and it just doesn't sound like something I'd be able to stick with. Sooner or later I'm going to want a big bowl of popcorn! Or spagetti, or macaroni, or rice. The no carbs at all thing just doesn't work for me.

But! With this one the idea is you have three meals a day. The first two are "complementary meals" very low carbs. The third meal is the "reward meal" and you have 60 minutes during which you can eat whatever you want. As long as you're not binging or doing something silly like that. So for that third meal I can have lasagna, or rice and chicken, or a sandwich! And desert is allowed too. Anything you want. Can anyone say chocolate ice cream?

After 5 days I've been sticking with it and it seems to actually be working. And I haven't been hungry in between at all. I know 5 days doesn't seem very long, but for me that's actually a pretty long commitment. It feels like something I might actually be able to continue. So WooHoo!


I'm watching The Apprentice at the moment. I haven't watched tonight's Survivor yet because I was grocery shopping while it was on.

Just before the break all of the fired people came out and Omorosa of course came around and tried to stand right next to The Donald. She's also the only one wearing red which seems telling. As they went to break she tried to walk in front of him. He grabbed her arm and just whipped her back behind him. It was great!

April 17, 2004


I was listening to Closer on the way in to work today. One of the songs struck me as a perfect picture of the relationship in Daredevil. Yes, I liked Daredevil. (you may begin mocking now)

Anyway! There's a song about rain on the Josh Groban CD that is such a great description of the way rain is used in the movie. A lot of the lyrics talk about darkness too, which is also highly appropriate.

Continue reading "Raining" »

'Cuz I Feel Like It

I'm doing a couple geek quizes. Because I can!

I saw this one at Spencer's and it looked familiar. Turns out I took it back in July of 2002. I was 35% geek at that point.

I am now...

I AM 42% GEEK!
42% GEEK
You probably work in computers, or a history deptartment at a college. You never really fit in with the "normal" crowd. But you have friends, and this is a good thing.

And just because I'm on a roll...

In August of 2002 my blog owned 18.75% of me. Then in April of 2003 it owned 43.75% of me! And now it owns:

56.25 %

My weblog owns 56.25 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

There, wasn't that fun?

Somethings Up

I just noticed that the Gnomeroll from last summer's Gnomedex has shrunk to just one name. Chris I think the list just changed from last year, to this year. I really need to get my but in gear and register for this year. I had such a blast last time, I've been looking forward to 4.0 since 3.0 finished. Yep, I know. I'm a geek.

April 18, 2004


From tonight's The District:

I believe in the sanctity of human life, in the power of the human spirit, in God's divine plan, and in that plan there is a chance of a miracle. I don't believe a human being has a right to kill. And that's why I believe that you are a murderer.

Very interesting episode. Takes both sides of the assisted suicide debate, and it doesn't really come down on one side or the other. That's rare. Most shows will shove the writer or producer or whichever power that be's views down your throat. This one made you think.

Anyone that knows me pretty well, probably knows which side of the argument I come down on.

There is no situation where I find it ok to help a person kill themselves. It's kind of a cliche, but it works. God gives life, and God takes it away. It's not up to us.

I find state supported assisted suicide even scarier. Sure, the doctors, or lawmakers, or whomever, will say that they have the patient's best intrests at heart. But who decides which life isn't worth living? It's an awfully slippery slope. It doesn't take much of a leap to picture "doctors" or some other government agent saying that Joe Schmo's life doesn't have enough quality so we'll just end it. Or can you imagine if insurance companies became involved? It's not that hard to imagine an HMO saying that they won't cover some treatment because it would be cheaper to just kill the patient.

And then another step. The extremely cognitively disabled person. What if someone decides that life isn't important enough? Or a vent dependant quadriplegic? Whoops, sorry. Your life isn't good enough so we're not going to let you have a vent. We'll just let you suffocate because that'd be better for you.

It gets awfully scary awfully fast doesn't it?

April 19, 2004

What I Hate

[This post has been moved to the other place]

April 20, 2004

Musical Meanderings

I'm wandering along doing some blogging with the TV on. I heard the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, naturally I looked up to see what was on. But it was a spot for the Master & Commander DVD. Very odd. Are their soundtracks really that similar? I haven't seen Master & Commander so I have no idea what it's music sounds like. Or is some promotions person trying to pull something?

April 21, 2004

Call Me Afflicted!

With Nerd Attention Deficit Disorder

If that post isn't the perfect description of your average blogger I don't know what is. Personally I've got 4 IE windows open, plus e-mail, RSS reader, chat, Photoshop, Windows Explorer... The TV's going, I'm cuddling Benjamin, and this is pretty tame. I usually have more open than that!

Link from Technodaddy

April 22, 2004

Take That!

It's Survivor night!

Much as I cannot stand Shii Ann, I am sooo glad she won immunity. Just so it can mess up Rob's little world.

Since Kathy got voted off last week, I'm rooting for Alicia, she and Rupert are really the only one's I'm still liking. The rest of them are just getting on my nerves.

Is There a Protocol for This?

I have a question for any web designer types out there.

Is there a way to approach a website owner to offer your services? A polite way to say "your site is kinda hard to look at, could I help?" I was surfing Tuesday and through Petfinder found a parrot rescue about 30 minutes away in Massachusettes. I was hoping it was someplace at which I could volunteer. But it seems they house all their animals (they do parrots and toy dogs, odd combo but whatever) through fosters and don't have an actual building. Since I really can't foster I was thinking that maybe I could help them with their website as a volunteer thing. It's one of those sites that has mouse following letters (I don't know the actual name for those things) and bouncing gifs (over the entire screen, not little animated gifs) and uniformly centered everything, hard to read color choices, you get the idea.

So is there a way to approach them and offer my services? I'm not exactly a professional web designer, but I know I could do something quite a bit better for them.

April 24, 2004

A Movie With a Weird Smell

Last night I decided I was in the mood for a movie after work. Gotta love midnight movies! I wanted something fun so I opted for Hellboy. I've really liked Ron Perlman in other stuff so that was a lovely added bonus.

And was it just me or did 'Abe' sound an awful lot like David Hyde Pierce? But when I watched the credits, they said that Abe was played by this Doug Jones guy.

The movie was decent. I liked the firestarter chick. Very cool. It was one of those movies that was more fun than anything. I honestly wasn't caring that much about the characters, kinda predictible, but that's ok. It was a good entertainment movie.

My only problem was with some of the people there. Not a ton of people other than me, maybe 10 teenagers. But with about 20 minutes left in the movie I started smelling that nasty alcohol smell. Someone had smuggled some in. I'm guessing that it then spilled otherwise I'm thinking I wouldn't have smelled it. That just bothered me. What, they couldn't wait two hours till the movie was over?

Around the World

Just in case anyone hasn't heard about the Victory Coalition effort to raise money for Spirit of America I'm telling you about it now!

It's an incredibly good cause, their official line is "Helping Americans Serving Abroad Assist People in Need." So if you can, send some money their way (in the name of the Victory Coalition of course )

And I saw this quote in someone's comments or on their blog, I can't remember where and I don't want to forget it so I'm copying it here.

"The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him." GK Chesterton

April 25, 2004

It's Not About Women's Rights

So far I've only seen one blog post about the big women's rights rally in the capitol. I did see it on the news last night too.

One of the quotes by a protestor really upset me.

"Between the Bush administration and the Vatican, we're dealing with an unholy alliance of fundamentalists who are trying erode all of women's rights. It's not just about abortion. It's not just about family planning. It's about trying to put women back into the kitchens and out of the state houses, and we can't tolerate that."
Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for Free Choice

The abortion debate isn't about any of the things that woman seems to think it is. It's about children! It's about little defenseless babies. Saving a child isn't going to take away a woman's right to vote, or her right to equal opportunities. It isn't going to put her "back in the kitchen," or keep her "out of the state houses."

It's about the child's rights. As a country we supposedly champion those unable to speak for themselves. The underdogs, the forgotten. But there is a huge class of people that have been forgotten and abandoned. The most defenseless among us. Completely dependant on others for their very life. And we have let them down. We have to scream for them, because they can't.

Then there's the ugly little secrets of the abortion industry. The large amount of women that have an abortion and then have major mental health problems afterwards. Or the women for whom something goes wrong, and then they're quietly swept off to a hospital so that their death will be "credited" to the hospital and the abortion clinic can continue to say that they have a safe track record. Yes, women die having abortions. Even though they're supposedly "safe" now that they're legal.

And there's third trimester abortions. Some of which result in babies born alive and then left to die alone and cold, gasping for breath. Babies that could probably be saved if they were taken to a NICU. Those that escape suffocating to death aren't any luckier. Some of them are literally burned to death by a solution injected into the womb. Others are delivered partway so that a "doctor" can stab their heads and suck out their brains.

First and second trimester abortions aren't any better. The methods of torture just change. And yes it is most definately torture. Don't kid yourself with the lie that they can't feel pain yet. They can. Sometimes small scissors and clamps are used to tear the child apart so that the pieces can be vacumed or manually pulled out piece by piece. Did you know that when the parts of the baby are taken out the doctor or a nurse will put them back together again to make sure they got everything?

The graphic images you see at many abortion protests are shown because that is what happens. That is the reality that most are unwilling to confront. That is what we are doing to the children of this country.

It's not about women's rights. It's about human rights. It's about the right of a child to not be murdered.

On a Lighter Note

I just saw the subservient chicken on CNN. That makes me laugh.

Also, I'm officially down 5 pounds since the 10th.

April 28, 2004

A Short Post

In more ways that one! See, I'm punny!

I went out and bought new jeans, shorts, and a couple tops yesterday. I mostly needed new jeans because my old ones had had holes worn into them by the rubbing together of my gargantuan thighs. I found plain knit shirts on sale for 8.99 so I got a couple different colors of those too.

So yesterday I wore the shorts, today I decided to go for the jeans. I went to cuff them like I always do with all of my pants because I'm short, and in order for them to not drag on the ground I swear I've got them turned up by about 9 inches. I ended up folding them over themselves so I don't look ridiculous.

I think I must have gotten a "regular" pair instead of petites, but it was the only pair that fit around my middle so I guess I'll just have to live with it! And yes, even when they're petite I still have to cuff them.

April 29, 2004

Infidel, Party of One

Abrahamic Apparel

I particularly like the "Christian Infidel" one. I may have to order one at some point. Hey, it's accurate!

Too Good To Be True!

I just saw an ad for Hersheys Kisses with caramel in the middle!

I must find a bag of these wonderful things. Yummmmmm!!!!!!!!!

April 30, 2004

Adventures in Cooking

I'm sure someone has done this before me, but I haven't seen it so I'm gonna pretend I came up with this ok?

Undo one container of Pillsbury Crescents. Unroll all the dough and separate the triangles. Then sprinkle cinnamon all over them. Roll 'em up and cook 'em like normal. They're delicious!

(thanks for humoring me!)

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