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A Daily Life

So I'm watching The Daily Show and the Stephen Colbert piece was about a guy in Independence, Wisconsin!

It's a dinky little town that's about 40ish miles from the city I'm from. That's just amazing to me that a big show would go to such a tiny little place. Although, now that I think about it. Most of the goofy people they do PKG's about are from tiny little towns. Maybe that's where most of the oddballs live.

Nonetheless, it was cool.


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Ok, you whipped out an acronym I don't know... What's a PKG? Particularly Korny Gameshow? Public Kegel Gyrations? Parsley Karrot Goulash? Predetermined Karma Gaffe? Ooh, Ooh, I know! Premeditated Kangaroo Groping! Wow, there are some sick people in Wisconsin! ;)


You got me laughing with some of those. Public Kegel Gyrations? Dude!

PKG=Package. It's TV geek speak for a story that's all put together on a tape before the show starts. Video, interviews, reporter track, graphics, all of that.

There's a great list of tv speak here. Some of it is widely used, some is specific to just a few stations. It's a wonderful list either way


is that the guy who's running for like 14 different offices??? I thought that guy was closer to GB but I could be wrong. Indy is a weird little town, although at least they approved their flouride referendum....C.F. voted it down because "it's a poison!" please, get out of the 50's people.


Yep, that's him. They did it as a "the dangers of democracy" thing. Like the guy is addicted to running for stuff and his family is enabling him. It was quite funny.


I saw that too, that's one of the towns I always rode to on the bikes w/my friends. Quite amusing.

Aunt L.:

Yes, it was Independence, Wi. and best of all
your Uncle George knows this guy. (He knows his
Dad even better.) We taped it so George could
watch it. He only won one of his races...which
is a good thing!

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