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A Movie With a Weird Smell

Last night I decided I was in the mood for a movie after work. Gotta love midnight movies! I wanted something fun so I opted for Hellboy. I've really liked Ron Perlman in other stuff so that was a lovely added bonus.

And was it just me or did 'Abe' sound an awful lot like David Hyde Pierce? But when I watched the credits, they said that Abe was played by this Doug Jones guy.

The movie was decent. I liked the firestarter chick. Very cool. It was one of those movies that was more fun than anything. I honestly wasn't caring that much about the characters, kinda predictible, but that's ok. It was a good entertainment movie.

My only problem was with some of the people there. Not a ton of people other than me, maybe 10 teenagers. But with about 20 minutes left in the movie I started smelling that nasty alcohol smell. Someone had smuggled some in. I'm guessing that it then spilled otherwise I'm thinking I wouldn't have smelled it. That just bothered me. What, they couldn't wait two hours till the movie was over?


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Abe's voice was in fact David Hyde Pierce, although he was uncredited. Doug Jones was the physical actor behind the character. He apparantly also did voice work for it, but the studio decided they liked Pierce better.


Ah, that would explain it. I was so confused by that! Thanx!

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