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I'm watching The Apprentice at the moment. I haven't watched tonight's Survivor yet because I was grocery shopping while it was on.

Just before the break all of the fired people came out and Omorosa of course came around and tried to stand right next to The Donald. She's also the only one wearing red which seems telling. As they went to break she tried to walk in front of him. He grabbed her arm and just whipped her back behind him. It was great!


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Glad you noticed that, too.
When O. was on Oprah's, she was all over Trump
with her hands.
How proud she should be....Being called a
lier on national TV.
Saw an interview with Kquami today, and he
ageed that Omarosha basically cost him the win.
He said that he didn't know he had the right to
fire her or he would have done so.


Yeah, I felt sorry for him. But he shouldn't have picked her so fast! Should have left her for the last person to be stuck with.

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