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He Is Risen

I've posted about my beliefs before. There's this Christmas song that always makes me cry. And the questions I answered for Chey. And the television show that helped me to believe again. How He protects me. What He gave up for me. How the Friday Five plays into it all. The beauty He gives us. And what I see when thinking of Him.

And now it's Easter. It's the day the rest of it was building up to. It's the day He rose again. The day He conquered hell.

I can rarely think about what He did without crying. God sent his Son here, knowing that he would be killed. Imagine doing that. Imagine sending your child somewhere with the full knowledge that they would have a terrible, painful death. And even though you have the power to stop it, to choose to look away.


For a bunch of sinful beings that don't appreciate Him most of the time. That ignore Him. That pretend He doesn't exist. We can screw up time and time again, and He'll still love us. We don't deserve it. And yet, He did it. He gave us the ultimate gift.

It's incredible.


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Dearest Daughter ... you make me smile and cry. I love you!


Hallelujah! He is Risen for all.

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