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Is There a Protocol for This?

I have a question for any web designer types out there.

Is there a way to approach a website owner to offer your services? A polite way to say "your site is kinda hard to look at, could I help?" I was surfing Tuesday and through Petfinder found a parrot rescue about 30 minutes away in Massachusettes. I was hoping it was someplace at which I could volunteer. But it seems they house all their animals (they do parrots and toy dogs, odd combo but whatever) through fosters and don't have an actual building. Since I really can't foster I was thinking that maybe I could help them with their website as a volunteer thing. It's one of those sites that has mouse following letters (I don't know the actual name for those things) and bouncing gifs (over the entire screen, not little animated gifs) and uniformly centered everything, hard to read color choices, you get the idea.

So is there a way to approach them and offer my services? I'm not exactly a professional web designer, but I know I could do something quite a bit better for them.


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I have in the past as a casual conversation just mentioned "if they ever need help, let me know" I haven't been contacted for the web developement portion, oddly though they have called on me for their office support. *winks-lol*.
Go for it, you don't have anything to loose. Good Luck. :0)

I would say that meeting with them in person first will help your chances of not being turned down, politely or otherwise, when you offer to spruce up their site a bit.

Maybe you could disguise your redesign offer as 'can I help you keep your site updated?' or something like that. Depends on whether or not you're volunteering your time or hoping to get paid, eh? :-)


Thanks for the input. I'm thinking I might ask if there's some way to volunteer and just kinda mention that I'm good with computers.

Heh, we'll see what happens!

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