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It's Not About Women's Rights

So far I've only seen one blog post about the big women's rights rally in the capitol. I did see it on the news last night too.

One of the quotes by a protestor really upset me.

"Between the Bush administration and the Vatican, we're dealing with an unholy alliance of fundamentalists who are trying erode all of women's rights. It's not just about abortion. It's not just about family planning. It's about trying to put women back into the kitchens and out of the state houses, and we can't tolerate that."
Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for Free Choice

The abortion debate isn't about any of the things that woman seems to think it is. It's about children! It's about little defenseless babies. Saving a child isn't going to take away a woman's right to vote, or her right to equal opportunities. It isn't going to put her "back in the kitchen," or keep her "out of the state houses."

It's about the child's rights. As a country we supposedly champion those unable to speak for themselves. The underdogs, the forgotten. But there is a huge class of people that have been forgotten and abandoned. The most defenseless among us. Completely dependant on others for their very life. And we have let them down. We have to scream for them, because they can't.

Then there's the ugly little secrets of the abortion industry. The large amount of women that have an abortion and then have major mental health problems afterwards. Or the women for whom something goes wrong, and then they're quietly swept off to a hospital so that their death will be "credited" to the hospital and the abortion clinic can continue to say that they have a safe track record. Yes, women die having abortions. Even though they're supposedly "safe" now that they're legal.

And there's third trimester abortions. Some of which result in babies born alive and then left to die alone and cold, gasping for breath. Babies that could probably be saved if they were taken to a NICU. Those that escape suffocating to death aren't any luckier. Some of them are literally burned to death by a solution injected into the womb. Others are delivered partway so that a "doctor" can stab their heads and suck out their brains.

First and second trimester abortions aren't any better. The methods of torture just change. And yes it is most definately torture. Don't kid yourself with the lie that they can't feel pain yet. They can. Sometimes small scissors and clamps are used to tear the child apart so that the pieces can be vacumed or manually pulled out piece by piece. Did you know that when the parts of the baby are taken out the doctor or a nurse will put them back together again to make sure they got everything?

The graphic images you see at many abortion protests are shown because that is what happens. That is the reality that most are unwilling to confront. That is what we are doing to the children of this country.

It's not about women's rights. It's about human rights. It's about the right of a child to not be murdered.


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Amen!! However, I do support it in cases of rape or if the woman is in great physical danger from the pregnancy. NOT as another method of birth control, as in "oops, I wasnt careful. Oh well, I'll go to the clinic and get rid of it". It's human life taken too casually and it sucks and it's murder.


I would also support it in cases of physical danger to the mother. Because in that case it is the choice between two people dying or one. Rape is a little stickier for me. It's not the kid's fault that their father was a degenerate. But at the same time it's horrible to force the mother to live with that daily reminder of what happened to her for 9 months. So that one's harder for me.


Really there are no exceptions. Either you believe its life and its wrong to kill or you don't. The situation that caused the pregnancy can not change whether it is life, and if it is wrong to kill... Period.

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