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I got a big surprise today at work when I looked into the fish tank.

The tank originally had three cherry barbs (one girl, two boys) and two Platy's of some sort (don't know the sex on those two) The cherry barbs had babies a few weeks ago and we saw two babies. After a week or so no one saw the babies any more. Add to that all the adult cherry barbs died. We figured that all the cherry barbs were gone and we were left with the two Platy's. Today I looked in the tank and saw three baby cherry barbs! Two of them are quite a bit bigger than the itsy bitsy one's I saw a couple weeks ago. I'm assuming those are the original two and they've been hiding and growing. There was also a third that was the itsy bitsy size. Same Name TD said she saw five babies all together!

I'm guessing that there were cherry barb eggs and some of them just hatched producing the tiny babies and the other two have been hiding and are now quite a bit bigger. So it turns out that life persists for the barb family!


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