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From tonight's The District:

I believe in the sanctity of human life, in the power of the human spirit, in God's divine plan, and in that plan there is a chance of a miracle. I don't believe a human being has a right to kill. And that's why I believe that you are a murderer.

Very interesting episode. Takes both sides of the assisted suicide debate, and it doesn't really come down on one side or the other. That's rare. Most shows will shove the writer or producer or whichever power that be's views down your throat. This one made you think.

Anyone that knows me pretty well, probably knows which side of the argument I come down on.

There is no situation where I find it ok to help a person kill themselves. It's kind of a cliche, but it works. God gives life, and God takes it away. It's not up to us.

I find state supported assisted suicide even scarier. Sure, the doctors, or lawmakers, or whomever, will say that they have the patient's best intrests at heart. But who decides which life isn't worth living? It's an awfully slippery slope. It doesn't take much of a leap to picture "doctors" or some other government agent saying that Joe Schmo's life doesn't have enough quality so we'll just end it. Or can you imagine if insurance companies became involved? It's not that hard to imagine an HMO saying that they won't cover some treatment because it would be cheaper to just kill the patient.

And then another step. The extremely cognitively disabled person. What if someone decides that life isn't important enough? Or a vent dependant quadriplegic? Whoops, sorry. Your life isn't good enough so we're not going to let you have a vent. We'll just let you suffocate because that'd be better for you.

It gets awfully scary awfully fast doesn't it?


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