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The good kind!

*mutters* pervs

I finally started reading a book I bought probably two years ago. About a week ago I started reading The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet. A couple days later I actually went and bought a scale. Then I had the horrible discovery that I'd gained about 30 pounds since I've been out here. Yikes!

I've been feeling desperate enough lately, especially after discovering the gained weight, that I decided to give it a try. All of the "case studies" in the book sounded very much like me. Plus, it seems like something I can do. I've checked out the Atkins thing in the past and it just doesn't sound like something I'd be able to stick with. Sooner or later I'm going to want a big bowl of popcorn! Or spagetti, or macaroni, or rice. The no carbs at all thing just doesn't work for me.

But! With this one the idea is you have three meals a day. The first two are "complementary meals" very low carbs. The third meal is the "reward meal" and you have 60 minutes during which you can eat whatever you want. As long as you're not binging or doing something silly like that. So for that third meal I can have lasagna, or rice and chicken, or a sandwich! And desert is allowed too. Anything you want. Can anyone say chocolate ice cream?

After 5 days I've been sticking with it and it seems to actually be working. And I haven't been hungry in between at all. I know 5 days doesn't seem very long, but for me that's actually a pretty long commitment. It feels like something I might actually be able to continue. So WooHoo!


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Way to go! I hope it works for you :) I am in the same boat. I can't live without the occasional carb or two. Doggone it.

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