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If I Could Just Get Some Sleep

Finished the second of two double shifts a couple hours ago. At work from 9am till 11pm on Thursday, and then 9 till midnight Friday. I only got a bouple hours of sleep last night because whenever it needs to, my body refuses to sleep. Very annoying.

But that should be it for the insanely long days. *crosses fingers* And it's only a few days till I leave for home! Yay!

Maybe tomorrow I'll actually be able to read some blogs.


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I'm sorry dear!! (((((hugs)))) That;s why I don't take 8:00 classes anymore, just makes the days wayyyyy to long. 11 was bad enough!
(says the ding-dong who's awake at 8:22 a.m. on a Saturday!) It's dress rehersal day! WISH YOU WERE HERE!!!!

Barny Pop:

a "double" hours of sleep ?? I guess so!

LYL (my def)

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