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Inquiring Minds

Solly wants to know who influences your humor?

Wow, that's quite a question. He said they're not supposed to be "direct" influences, i.e. family, friends, co-workers, but I'm going to risk it and break the rules a little.

1) My Dad - My sense of humor is so much like his that I just have to include him. All the "groaners" when I was little, playing with words, making silly noises, all of that. It's what I tend to find funny now. It's what I enjoy!

OK, now I'll behave and try to stick to the rules.

2) Gary Larson - I remember when I didn't "get" a lot of Far Side cartoons, I'm sure I drove my parents nuts asking them to explain them to me. But at some point I started getting them. I love that twisted just kinda off view of the world.

3) The Animaniacs - I was 14 when this show first started. I remember rushing home to watch it every day after school. I loved all the in jokes and the insane pace at which it all happened. I have one of the CD's with a bunch of the songs from the show on it. I can do almost the entire World Song (has popups) without help. Yep, I'm just that dorky!

4) Robin Williams - This was another "rush home to watch him" show. Mork & Mindy repeats were on in the afternoon and I remember watching them when I was maybe 10 or 11, somewhere around there. I'm sure there's a lot that I'd get now that I completely missed at the time. But he was funny no matter what!

5) Bill Waterson (who doesn't have a website! What's up with that?) - Another one of those slightly off views of the world. I've always loved the imagination of Calvin and the way he sees life.

And that's the five I came up with. So, what do I find funny? It has to be fast, intelligent, playing with words and meanings, and just slightly off.


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