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Still Having Issues

I still can't get on-line at home. It's driving me nuts!

And I think I've made my computer worse while trying to fix it. Grrrr!!!!!

To top it all off I did something I should have done earlier which makes me think the problem was never with my computer in the first place! I tried to get on-line with my laptop and that didn't work either. It gave me the "Associating with access point but can not find the internet" thing.

I realize I should have done that sooner, but I didn't. So now I've screwed up my computer, still can't get on-line, and it may have all been for nothing. Ack!


Just got off the phone with Cox (yes it's pronounced that way, yes we make fun of it constantly) and they said that the modem appears to be on-line but they can't detect an ip from my router. Could the problem have been with my stupid router the whole time? I wish I could go investigate right now instead of having to wait till I get home after work.


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well hurry up and get it fixed already! :D I'm at the station at the moment helping KKR with a pack for the Children's Miracle Network thingy...we're gonna edit the whole thing on the avid. Woot!

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