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Well Hello Everybody

*yawns, stretches*

Just woke up a bit ago. Slept wonderfully. The guest room at home has, quite possibly, the best bed ever in it. I've always loved sleeping down there.

The flights and everything yesterday were quite uneventfull. I slept the entire way from Providence to Chicago. Of course I hadn't slept the night before so that explains my amazing ability to sleep in a tiny little coach seat. On the flight from Chicago in to Minneapolis the lady I was sitting next to wanted to talk; I wanted to sleep some more. She did eventually shut up, but I never slept. That flight's only a tad over an hour though so there wouldn't have been much time anyway.

The parental units were waiting for me at the airport :) Yay! Somehow my eyes slid right past my dad. No idea how that happened. He had to call my name! He hasn't changed that much in 7 months! Although he has lost quite a bit of weight. (Go Dad!) I might have come from one of two doors so one of them was at each. We grabbed Mom from the other door and headed for the drive home. We talked the entire way.

Had a wonderful "Mommy Food" dinner. Why is it that food tastes soooo much better when you don't have to cook it yourself?

And Syn came over and we talked and hugged and babbled and were silly for a good hour and a half before she had to go back to work. We're thinking I'll go over to the station tonight for the 10 to see everyone and then all go out afterwards. Dad was watching the 10 last night and I didn't watch it, but I could hear it and it was so strange hearing all those familiar voices again.

It, quite honestly, feels like I never left. It just feels comfortable and right. I'm already kinda dreading leaving. Not that I dislike where I'm going. I really do like my new job and new people and new apartment (and I'll be needing to see the critters) I just don't like the leaving part.

And I really need to catch up on my blog-reads! I'm going out w/Mom now though so I guess it'll have to wait just a tad longer.


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