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What the Heck?!?!?

I am so incredibly frustrated I don't even have the words right now.

I had Wednesday and Thursday off of work. Great! Time to catch up on my blog-reads, take and post some new pictures, do general internet browsing...

Wednesday all went according to plan, but come Thursday nothing will connect to the internet. Not IE, not Trillian, not Thunderbird, nothing. I have reset both cable modem and router multiple times, restarted the computer more times that I can count. Nothin' doin'. Also ran my virus scan (I'm running Symantec) and it didn't come up with anything. Tried the system restore thing all the way back to the beginning of the month. Still nothing.

A guy at work said when he had the trojan virus it didn't show up on his Norton scan and it wouldn't let him access the internet. Could that be what my problem is? In which case how do I get rid of the stupid thing?

Argh! Ack! And Phooey!


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