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Less than 3 days!

I'm soooo very excited to be going home. A friend from work is going to follow me home tonight since she's going to be taking care of my critters while I'm gone. The apartment is something of a mess at the moment, but I'm planning to clean tomorrow evening since I'm off work at 6. I'll be able to spend all evening taking care of stuff.

And one more thing...
Week - 6
Down - 12


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WHEEEE!!!! to you. I'm excited that you are coming home also!

Barny Pop:

me 2



::::::::syn flies around the living room in an over excited stupor::::::::::

Yay! I just realized that your rss feed isn't updating on my bloglines, so I haven't been keeping up because I wasn't getting any updates. Grrrr. Anyway, hi. *waves*

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