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I'm Melting... Melting...

It's frelling hot today! I swear it's in the 90's and all humid. Yick! Glad I turned the A/C on this morning when I got up! They opened up the pool at my apartment complex while I was hom on vacation too. I'm going to have to check that out. Maybe on Sunday, I have it off.

I suppose I should buy a swimsuit then if I'm going to test the pool...
Next week I'm stuck doing mornings at work. Not looking forward to that one bit! That'll mean a week of getting up waaaaay to early and not sleeping enough and just being generally out of it. Bleagh! But that means I'm home around 1ish so the entire afternoon could be spent in the pool. That's a pleasant thought at least!

Hmmm, anything else important that I need to tell everybody... I don't think so. I'm just working my way back into the swing of normal life after being on vacation for a week and a half.


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