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I'm Off!

I'm just about to leave the house on my way to my very first Geo-Meet! It's looking like there's going to be tons of 'cachers there so it should be a grand time. HeeHee!

On a completely unrelated note... as I sat down to post thing I happened to catch my sparrow pair mating! It lasted all of 30 seconds so I'm feeling pretty lucky to have seen it.

That's it, and I'm on my way!


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it was great to meet you at the geomeet&greet. I am the one with camera envy. i gave you my blog address.

feel free to come visit -- i swear a lot so don't let that disuade you or think less of me. then again, you link to crazy tracy so if you can read her i'm kindergarten in comparison.

i'll be adding your blog to my list. i hope you got some good pics of our dogs!

cheers & God bless.

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