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It's Too Early for This!

At work.

At 3:30 in the morning.

I'll be here till 1 in the afternoon.

I'd much rather be in my bed.

But the morning director is on vacation and somehow I've become the designated "morning fill-in director" when he's gone. Yick!

On top of that today we make the transition from numbers to letters on the decks. So lucky me gets to be the first one to direct using letters. And that'll be on only three hours of sleep and very much ready for bed!

*tells self repeatedly*
It's only a week. It's only a week. It's only a week. It's only a week.


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You know, I swear I left a comment on this earlier today, but I'll leave another!! (((((hugs))))) Mornings SUCK!!! Good luck, and get some sleep dear!


Beware the Moose!

~Love ya!~

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