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My Brain Hurts

New toys are fun, but the new board is making my head hurt. It's so much more complicated! I spent half an hour tonight trying to figure out how to get it to recall the right still when I called up a certain effect. I did finally figure it out, but it took a good 15-20 minutes of reading the manual.

I get frustrated with the thing and then I don't want to keep trying to figure it out. Even though it's very cool and I need to understand how it works. I want to understand how it works. But getting there is proving to be quite challenging!

In non-work-related news... There's a geocacher meet-up thing on Sunday and I actually have the day off of work! So I'm planning to go. It should be fun to meet some cachers.

I'm thinking about adding yet another sub-domain onto this here site. For geocaching stuff. I'm thinking of maps and pictures and links to caches I've found (and of course caches that have been found by the SunSynergy Productions Team!) Right now it's just running around in my head, but I'm feeling kinda close to actually doing some work on it so something may show up soon-ish to do with that. We'll see.

Oh, the reason I have Sunday off of work? Because I have to do mornings Monday and Tuesday again. Yick! Then Wednesday we have more training on the new board and lucky me managed to pull a double shift that day so that'll be 9am - 11pm. Then Thursday there's more training so that'll be 9am-7pm, and then back to a normal nightside shift on Friday. Wheeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say sleep-deprived? Should be an interesting couple days!


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