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OCD Much?

I just got caught doing one of my little compulsive things at work.

Whenever I use a public bathroom, no matter how many times I've used that particular one, I always have to look up (or sideways or wherever the thing is) and read the little sign that says which bathroom it is. The sports guy just walked past me while I looked and he said "Yep, it's the right one".

Yeah. I'm a dork. I've been doing this since about the first week of school in 6th grade! It was the first year out of elementary school which meant big, intimidating, lots more people, getting lost, all of that. During the first week or two of school I managed to walk into the wrong bathroom! There wasn't anyone in there, but just the knowledge of what I had done (as a new 6th grader!) was horrifying.

That experience has become this weird little compulsive thing that I always have to do. Yep, I'm weird.


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lol, you're not alone. I do the same thing. ;)


LMAO!!! Don't worry, I do the exact same thing!! I don't know if I have a reason for it, it's just something I've always done.

I also did the "look up for the on air light" for the longest time, like you had to at the old building...even if I wasn't at work!


Oh I did that too! Right as I went into that door by the old audio area. Quick look up to see if the light was red. Kept doing it in the new building even tho' the on-air lights didn't work!

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