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I think I managed to get poison ivy on me when I went geocaching a week or so ago. It's so incredibly itchy and annoying and I want it to stop!!!!!

A bug bite I can deal with. But some hydrocortizone on it and by the time it wears off the itching is gone. But this doesn't quit! It just keeps itching and itching ad itching. Hydrocortizone will work for a little bit, but the reaction just keeps coming back. Argh! I went looking on-line and apparently it takes a week or two for it to stop. It has to have been a week already right? Or am I just imagining it being a heck of a lot longer than that?


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you know, I'm surprised that hasn't happened to us more often! ;) Isn't taking a bath in some oatmeal supposed to be good for that?? Who knows. ;) Hope you're feeling better soon!!


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