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Movie Time

In just a little over 6 hours almost the entire station will be enjoying a free showing of "Anchorman"! WooHoo! We're all looking forward to it waaaay more than we probably should.

Someone at the station dug up some very old video (it's so old it might have started as film!) of the main anchor doing a talk show or something in the 70's. Looks exactly like Ron Burgandy. Someone else grabbed a still from it and photoshopped his head onto the Anchorman poster. Tooooo funny! It's scary how alike they look! Should be a fun night.


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Have fun!! I still haven't seen it, but MSA and DKM have both said it's really funny


Tell me how you like it! I saw it and thought it was great


Wait a minute...you guys got to see it for free?? hah... I'm not that mad. Your smilies are just too cool.

Anyways, our station and all the other stations in Des Moines got to see the movie all by ourselves, but we still had to pay. I liked the movie, but I'm not sure if it was because it was truly funny or if it was just nice to make fun of the people you work with. Okay, I'll stop with the smilies. Wait...one more... Mmmm...tasty. LOL

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