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The Return of Farscape

I just saw my first promo for the new Farscape mini-series today! Woot!!! It looks so incredible! I can not wait until October to see it.

We actually got the show back! At least in some limited capacity.

So now, everybody, when October comes around make sure you watch it (especially if you're a Nielson person!) and then let SciFi know you watched it and want to see more. WooHoo! Go 'Scapers!


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although i was a late comer to the farscape viewing experience, as a true "scifi geek" fell madly in love with this show. i ended up buying all the dvds and i watch them over and over. as a fairly intelligent and dedicated scifi lover i feel this was truly the best scifi show ever on tv and it, once again, disappoints me that tv shows such as farscape are cancelled way before there time and seem to be replaced by stupid, insipid and uncreative "reality shows" such as fear factor. intelligent, creative scifi programming does cost money but wow is it worth it when you have a terrific cast and intelligent story lines

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