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Who Needs Car Insurance Anyway?

Yesterday I had the day off, and since my Aunt and Uncle are going to be out here at the end of the week I figured it would be well spent cleaning my apartment. And with the help of my very wonderful coach, I actually got quite a bit done.

One of the tasks was going through the mail. There was a letter from the bank that has my car loan from a day or two ago. It said that State Farm had quit holding a lien (or something like that) against the car. So I called State Farm today to figure out what was up. They said they canceled my insurance back in April! Needless to say, this is news to me!

The lady on the phone said that there was some payment that couldn't be made by credit card (even though their website says they accept credit card payments) and that they left a message for me at work. I never got this message. Which is perfectly understandable because it's a huge voice mail system and if it didn't make it to my voice mail it was most likely lost or deleted by someone else. So I've been driving around since April without any insurance. Great, just great.

OK, fine, whatever. What do I have to do to get my insurance re-instated?

Can't! They aren't accepting any "new business" in Rhode Island and apparently that's what I am. Right. I've had State Farm since I got my car almost 4 years ago! Not exactly new business!

So now, thanks to the butt monkeys at State Farm I have to find new insurance. I've been doing all the on-line quote generator things. Looks like I'm going to go with Geico. They seem to have the best rate for what I need.

Grrr! Stupid insurance company.


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Yeah, I understand...I have SF and all they seem to want to do when I come to the office or call with a question is try to sell me more crap I don't need. At least with Geico, you have the cool little Gecko. ;)
Have you seen Anchorman yet? I'm waiting to hear what you thought about it, being an insider and all :D



Random!!! And no new busniness...WTF?? You'd think they'd want all the $$$$ they could get their hands on!!

And IM me sometime, I'm dying to tell you what a certain someone said about "Anchorman" yesterday!!! :D


I've been busy! And you haven't been on when I have had time. Maybe tonight.

Waiting not-so-patiently until the 23rd to see Anchorman. Can't wait!

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